Dr. Ben Almquist


(US Equivalent: Assistant Professor)

Ben received his B.S. magna cum laude in Materials Science from Michigan Technological University in 2004, where his senior research focused on crystal ion slicing of electroceramic materials. He then completed his Ph.D. at Stanford University. There he worked with Prof. Nick Melosh on developing a new method for seamlessly integrating inorganic structures into cellular membranes, essentially creating 'inorganic transmembrane proteins'. This method has subsequently been licensed by Stealth Biosciences, an exciting start-up company focused on personalized medicine. During his time at Stanford, Ben was appointed as a Research Fellow in Stanford's Center for Probing the Nanoscale and had the honor of receiving the Materials Research Society Graduate Student Gold Award. After finishing his Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering in 2011, Ben headed east to MIT, joining the lab of Prof. Paula Hammond. As an NIH Ruth L. Kirschstein Postdoctoral Fellow, Ben delved into the field of self-assembled biomaterials by using the layer-by-layer process to explore combinatorial growth factor therapies for treating chronic skin wounds. In September 2014, he joined the Department of Bioengineering at Imperial College London as a Lecturer and Group Leader, where his research group straddles the interface between nanotechnology, materials science, and biology.

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