Mara Pop

Originally from Romania, Mara was awarded a scholarship study her A-levels at Arnewood School in Hampshire, England. During her time there, Mara was awarded the national “Salters Advanced Chemistry Prize 2012” for her work on “Making and analysing crystals” as part of her A-level research. Mara then moved to Imperial College in 2012 where she made the Dean's List in every year of her BEng degree. She then topped of her undergraduate years by receiving the award for the best BEng thesis project in Bioengineering as a member of the Almquist Lab, along with receiving the Department's 2015 Centenary Prize. Not wanting to end her time at Imperial yet, Mara received an EPSRC PhD Scholarship through the Department of Bioengineering to continue her research into nanotechnology-based strategies for healing diabetic ulcers as part of the Almquist Lab.


1. Pop MA & Almquist BD, “Biomaterials: A Potential Pathway to Healing Chronic Wounds?” Experimental Dermatology, 26(9) 760-763 (2017).

2. Pop MA, Sun JB, Almquist BD, “Biomaterial-based systems for pharmacologic treatment of wound repair.” Book Chapter in Bioengineering in Wound Healing: A Systems Approach, World Scientific (2016)

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