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Postdoctoral Positions

We are always interested in exploring potential opportunities for sponsoring fellowship applications. Examples include Wellcome Trust, Royal Commission of 1851, Royal Society, and Imperial's Research Fellowships. A more extensive list can be found here. Please highlight why our group is an ideal location to carry out your fellowship when contacting to discuss opportunities. For all applications it is best to begin discussing ideas at least 6 months prior to the deadlines to ensure enough time to formulate competitive applications. Also, some applications require internal departmental approval prior to applying.

PhD Students

In general we are open to exploring PhD positions within the group. It is best to begin discussing opportunities the end of the academic year before you plan to apply (e.g. Jan-Jul 2018 to start Oct 2019). This provides ample time to identify potential PhD funding opportunities. Many of the top scholarships have deadlines in the fall, so early discussions are key to submitting a competitive application. Note that the number of routes to funding PhD positions is greatest for UK citizens, followed closely by EU citizens. There are currently limited opportunities for international students. Some of these include the Imperial President's PhD Scholarship (only 1 allowed per research group at a given time), Imperial/China Scholarship Council, and Imperial Commonwealth Scholarship.

MRes Students

We are always open to exploring MRes positions. Please contact us to begin discussing opportunities in the last year of your current degree. As is usually the case, beginning discussions earlier is better since positions tend to fill up later in the year. We are also open to hosting international scholars at the MSc/MRes level (e.g. Fulbright Scholars, Marshall Scholars). In the past we have hosted Fulbright and Whitaker Fellows who have all gone on to secure highly competitive PhD Fellowships and positions, both in the UK and USA.

Undergraduate Reseachers

In general we accept undergraduates from Imperial for positions over the summer term. Preference is given to students who are interested in remaining in the lab for their 3rd and/or 4th year research projects. This allows students to engage with more in-depth research projects, solidify training, and usually have been found to be more rewarding in the long-run. Selection for UROP positions generally begins around January, with preference given to students currently in the lab.