Chris Basu PhD MRCVS

Postdoctoral Researcher

Chris’ interests lie in how we can better treat musculoskeletal disease, and how anatomy predisposes animals and humans to such disease in the first place. Chris gained his veterinary degree from the Royal Veterinary College (RVC, London) in 2007, and went on to work in clinical practice for six years. During this time he worked in the UK and abroad, treating everything from cats and dogs to elephants and rhinos. He returned to the RVC to complete his PhD (funded by the National Environment Research Council), where he studied the anatomy and locomotion of giraffes, using a combination of fieldwork, cadaveric study and musculoskeletal modelling. He then completed a post-doctoral position at the RVC, where he used biplanar cinefluoroscopy and computational modelling to study how frogs jump. Chris joined the Almquist Lab at Imperial College London in 2019, where he is working with the team to develop a nanotechnology-based therapy that can regulate bone healing - and potentially revolutionise our ability to heal fractures.



Imperial College London

Postdoctoral Researcher


Royal Veterinary College

Postdoctoral Researcher


Royal Veterinary College



Royal Veterinary College



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