Anna Stejskalová

PhD Student

Originally from the Czech Republic, Anna received her BSc in Biomedical Engineering from the the Czech Technical University in 2012. She was then awarded an Erasmus Mundus CEMACUBE scholarship to study for her MSc in Bioengineering at both Trinity College Dublin and the University of Groningen. Following her MSc, Anna joined the Almquist Lab at Imperial where during her PhD studies she has pioneered a new DNA nanotechnology-based approach for creating cell-instructive materials.



Imperial College London

PhD Student in Bioengineering


Trinity College Dublin & University of Groningen

MSc Bioengineering


Czech Technical University

BSc Biomedical Engineering


Biologically Inspired, Cell-Selective Release of Aptamer-Trapped Growth Factors by Traction Forces

Stejskalová A, Oliva N, England FJ, Almquist BD. Advanced Materials, 31, 1806380 (2019).

A Physicochemically Optimized and Neuroconductive Biphasic Nerve Guidance Conduit for Peripheral Nerve Repair

Ryan AJ, Lackington WA, Hibbitts AJ, Matheson A, Alekseeva T, Stejskalová A, Roche P, O'Brien FJ. Advanced Healthcare Materials, 6, 1700954 (2017).

Using Biomaterials to Rewire the Process of Wound Repair

Stejskalová A & Almquist BD. Biomaterials Science, 5, 1427-1434 (2017).

Programmable biomaterials for dynamic and responsive drug delivery

Stejskalová A*, Kiani MT*, Almquist BD. Experimental Biology and Medicine, 241, 1127-1137 (2016). *Equal Contribution