Jill Ziesmer

MRes Student

Jill was born in Germany and finished her Bachelor's studies in the field of Life Science Engineering at the HTW Berlin in 2017. Next to her studies, she worked as a student assistant in the laboratory of HTW for two years, followed by a six-month work placement in the company M2 Automation. Due to her high performance in her studies she was put forward as a scholar in the prestigious German Scholarship Foundation "Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes", where she was accepted in 2016. She completed her Bachelor's studies with an overall grade ≥90%, enabling her to receive an offer for a Master of Research at Imperial College London. For her MRes thesis, she is currently implementing a keratin-based ultrathin material surface to promote tissue attachment on osseointegrated protheses. Simultaneously, she is a member of an intensive seminar from the German Scholarship Foundation, which meets semi-annually to work on and discuss the topic of biomaterials. When not working, Jill enjoys singing in the Imperial Choir.



Imperial College London

MRes Student in Bioengineering


HTW Berlin

BSc in Life Science Engineering