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Hyaluronic Acid-Based Activatable Nanomaterials for Stimuli-Responsive Imaging and Therapeutics: Beyond CD44-Mediated Drug Delivery

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Biologically Inspired, Cell-Selective Release of Aptamer-Trapped Growth Factors by Traction Forces

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Interfacial Contact is Required for Metal-Assisted Plasma Etching of Silicon

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The Hair Follicle: An Underutilized Source of Cells and Materials for Regenerative Medicine

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Using Biomaterials to Rewire the Process of Wound Repair

Stejskalov√° A & Almquist BD. Biomaterials Science, 5, 1421-1434.

   Invited submission as part of the 2017 Emerging Investigators theme issue


Biomaterials: A Potential Pathway to Healing Chronic Wounds?

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Chapter 10. Biomaterial-based systems for pharmacologic treatment of wound repair

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Programmable biomaterials for dynamic and responsive drug delivery

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Nanolayered siRNA Delivery Platforms for Local Silencing of CTGF Reduce Cutaneous Scar Contraction in Third-Degree Burns

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Self-Assembled Wound Dressings Silence MMP-9 and Improve Diabetic Wound Healing In Vivo

Castleberry SA, Almquist BD, Li W, Reis T, Chow J, Mayner S, Hammond PT. Advanced Materials, 28, 1809-1817.


Combination Growth Factor Therapy via Electrostatically Assembled Wound Dressings Improves Diabetic Ulcer Healing In Vivo

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Molecular Structure Influences the Stability of Membrane Penetrating Biointerfaces

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Nanoscale Patterning Controls Inorganic-Membrane Interface Structure

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Dynamic Actuation using Nano-Bio Interfaces

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Fusion of Biomimetic Stealth Probes into Lipid Bilayer Cores

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Formation and Characterization of Fluid Lipid Bilayers on Alumina

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