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13 Mar2019

Our TrAPs are again the top article on F1000 Workspace this month!

Anna Stejskalová, Nuria Oliva, Frances England   Papers

Anna, Nuria, and Frances' paper in Advanced Materials on traction force-activated growth factors has extended its time as the top article on F1000 Workspace! Congrats to the research team yet again on this accomplishment. Make sure to get in touch if you'd like to use TrAPs in you own experiments!

22 Feb2019

The top article this month on F1000 Workspace is our TrAPs!

Anna Stejskalová, Nuria Oliva, Frances England   Papers

Anna, Nuria, and Frances' paper in Advanced Materials on traction force-activated growth factors is the top article on F1000 Workspace this month. Congrats to the research team on this distinction, especially knowing all the hard work that went into getting this platform off the ground! Stay tuned for new exciting research with the TrAP platform...

7 Jan2019

Anna, Nuria, and Frances publish thier research in Advanced Materials

Anna Stejskalová, Nuria Oliva, Frances England   Papers
14 Nov2018

Dr Almquist Gives a Talk at Michigan Tech's 5 under 35 Event

Ben Almquist   Talks

Dr Almquist was back at Michiagn Tech for the inaugural 5 Under 35(ish) event. He spoke on the importance of tenacious curiosity, embracing failure, and working towards being mentally healthy.

21 Oct2018

Julia publishes her research in Advanced Materials Interfaces

Julia Sun   Papers

Congratulations Julia for publishing your newest paper entitled Interfacial Contact is Required for Metal-Assisted Plasma Etching of Silicon! This research dispels a misconception that has been around for approximately 40 years regarding the mechanism by which metals enhance the etching of silicon in reactive plasmas.

19 Oct2018

Carmen and Frances Graduate!

Carmen Martin, Frances England   Graduation

Congratulations Carmen and Frances on graduation! Frances was an undergraduate researcher in the Almquist Lab before completing her MEng thesis in the lab, while Carmen joined on for her MEng thesis project. Everyone in the Almquist Lab is looking forward to the exciting research you will be starting at University of Cambridge (Frances) and MIT (Carmen). Best of luck and be sure to stay in touch!

5 Oct2018

Anna Successfully Defends Her PhD Thesis!

Anna Stejskalová   PhD Life

Congratulations Anna for successfully defending your thesis! Thanks to Dr John Connelly and Prof Peter Weinberg for taking the time for the viva. Best wishes Anna for your move to University of Munster after receiving a WiRe Postdoctoral Fellowship!

2 Oct2018

Nuria is selected to the ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering Early Career Advisory Board!

Nuria Oliva   Professional Service

Congratulations Nuria for your selection to the inaugural early career advisory board for the journal ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering! All of us in the Almquist Lab are happy to see that your excellent insights and vision for the field will be put to use helping guide such a great journal.

28 Sept2018

Julia is the 2018 Faculty of Engineering GTA of the Year!

Julia Sun   Awards

Congratulations Julia for winning GTA of the year for the Faculty of Engineering at Imperial! All your students appreciate the effort you put into being such a great GTA, and this recognition simply adds to the back-to-back GTA of the Year awards from the Student Academic Choice Awards programme you already have received!

20 Sept2018

Nuria gives a talk at New Scientist Live!

Nuria Oliva   Talks

Nuria gave a great talk on the emerging field of personalised biomaterials at this year's New Scientist Live event at the ExCeL Centre in London. She addressed a great question: if medicine has recognized, identified and responded to differences between patients, why is the biomaterials community still developing off-the-shelf, multi-patient innovations?

26 Jul2018

Dr Almquist gives a talk at the GRC on Signal Transduction by Engineered Extracellular Matrices

Ben Almquist   Talks

Dr Almquist was back in the USA to give a talk at the Gordon Research Conference on Signal Transduction by Engineered Extracellular Matrices. His talk was entitled "Cell-Activated Growth Factors for Spatiotemporal Tissue Engineering", covering the research being done by Anna and Nuria. There was also a mini Hammond Lab reunion at the conference, with Paula, Nisarg (congrats on your faculty position at UCSD), and Ben in attendance.

4 Jul2018

Jill wins the Imperial Masters 3.60 presentation competition

Jill Ziesmer   Talks   Awards

Jill has won first place in the Imperial Graduate School Masters 3.60 thesis presentation competition. Her thesis is exploring the use of hair follicle-derived cells and materials for creating bioinspired implants. Looking forward to what more she will discover before moving on to her PhD position at the Karolinska Institute!

21 Jun2018

Grant Success!

Ben Almquist   Funding

We have been awarded, in collaboration with the Higgins Lab, seed funding from the Imperial Confidence in Concept program to explore the controlled delivery of novel proteins for wound healing. Looking forward to this exciting collaboration over the course of the next year!

2 Jun2018

Magda wins 3rd Place at ScarCon!

Magdalena Plotczyk   Talks   Awards

Magda, a joint PhD student with the Higgins Lab, has received 3rd place in the student talk competition at the joint 2018 ScarCon and European Tissue Repair Society meeting in Amsterdam! A big congratulations from all of us in the Almquist Lab!

22 May2018

Nuria is shortlisted for the L'Oreal-UNESCO For Women in Science Fellowship!

Nuria Oliva     Awards

Congratulations to Nuria for being shortlisted for the prestigious L'Oreal-UNESCO For Women in Science Fellowship - quite an accomplishment to be one of eleven shortlisted out of over 1000 applications! Good luck - we are all cheering for you!

15 May2018

Nuria is awarded a Postdoctoral Fellowship!

Nuria Oliva   Funding   Awards

Congratulations to Nuria for being awarded a TecnioSPRING+ Postdoctoral Fellowship, which is part of the the Horizon 2020 Marie Curie Actions! Looking forward to the collaboration with IQS in Barcelona that this will enable!

9 April2018

Mehrdad's review article featured on cover of ACS Bioamterials Science & Engineering!

Mehrdad Kiani   Papers

Mehrdad's review article entitled "The Hair Follicle: An Underutilized Source of Cells and Materials for Regenerative Medicine", written in collaboration with the Higgins Lab, is featured on the cover of the Regenerative Biomaterials theme issue of ACS Bioamterials Science & Engineering. Check it out if you want to learn about one of only two structures in the body that regenerate, and the unique cells and materials that it provides for regenerative engineering.